Since version 3.0, you need to register GentooPlayer to use all gp-scripts.

Click here for the registration guide

To register GP you have to make a donation (follow donate button),

or ask for a trial key by email (





Minimum donation : 39€----1System-------1Pc---------------1Year**

Minimum donation : 59€----1System-------3Pc---------------1Year**

Minimum donation : 69€----1System-------1Pc---------------Unlimited**

Minimum donation : 109€--1System-------3Pc---------------Unlimited**


x86-64 Embedded System = 1System*

x86-64 Xfce4 System = 1System*

Raspberry 3B/3B+ = 1System*

Raspberry 4B = 1System*

*It is not possible to change the key from one system to another. It will not be done.

**Registration is hardware related, in the event of a hardware failure or change, you can request a change of registration,

under these conditions:
Year: maximum two times in total, for both 1PC and 3PC.
Unlimited: maximum within 18 months from the date of donation and for a maximum of 4 times total, for both 1PC and 3PC.
On the x86 platform, the addition/replacement of the network card is understood as a hardware change.
Key changes are only accepted if they are made in this way





GentooPlayer scripts and gpbin Copyright P.O. 2017-2022 GentooPlayer image contains proprietary software. It cannot be copied without removing the corresponding software, or with explicit authorization from the owner. GentooPlayer is not a separate Linux distribution but only a customized Gentoo installation for audio. The donation payment is for customization work, proprietary script, gpbin and mantienance update image. The user must refer to the relevant licences of the software installed,see in /usr/share/license.

GentooPlayer is provided without any warranty, express or implied, or of any kind. In no event shall the software provider be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct or indirect. GentooPlayer shall not be liable in any way for malfunctions of the software or for any damage or loss of revenue  and data caused by it. The use of GentooPlayer is your responsibility.