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GentooPlayer is nothing more than a Linux system, based on Gentoo, which includes various system modifications for better audio performance and very low system latency (4/5 microseconds, depending on the hardware). It includes several kernels, with different custom configurations, always looking for a better audio. The system includes a set of commands that recall scripts to help the average user in using a Linux system.

Include a webinterface, if desired can be entirely loaded in ram.

GentooPlayer offers images for different platforms and includes several audiophile players, some of which require the purchase of a license:

Squeezelite-R2, Squeezelite, Mpd, UpMPDcli, BubbleUpnp, Networkaudiod (NAD), RoonBridge, AirPlay, HQPlayer Embedded, HQPlayer, LMS (LogitechMediaServer), Sox-dsd, RoonServer, Cantata (mpd Client)... Ability to install JRiver Media Center and NoMachine (remote desktop software)


Available for Rpi-3B/3B+, Rpi-4B, PC X86, UsbRidge Sig.

Minimal System

The system starts with very few processes. Just what you need to play music. A lot of attention has been paid to this.


On the systems, there are various kernels (realtime and not), with different custom configurations. All resulting from a continuous search for the best configuration for a better audio result. To choose which one gives the best results in your system...


You can choose from various system configurations. Some of these isolate the CPUs, which are then transferred to the LAN, USB, and Player respectively, the whole thing automatically. The options must be evaluated on their own system and make their own choice.


Possibility to load the system in RAM, and to have a ramdisk to save the music. All this does not require large amounts of ram. It also works on ARM platforms.


The possibility to choose between different Audiophile players. Squeezelite-R2, Squeezelite, Mpd, UpMPDcli, BubbleUpnp, Networkaudiod (NAD), RoonBridge, HQPlayer Embedded, HQPlayer, LMS (LogitechMediaServer), Sox-dsd, RoonServer, Cantata (mpd Client), Shairpor-sync, Spotifyd, MinimServer...


Gentoo is a linux distribution that offers many configuration possibilities. It is one of the few linux systems that is compiled entirely on its own HW, including software that can be compiled by enabling only the features necessary for its purpose, without including unnecessary features.


Simply Web Interface. Works on both desktop and tablet. Also touchscreen.

Based on script-server by bugy

Diretta Protocol   

You can use GentooPlayer both as a host and as a Diretta target.
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