07/12/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.50

-update system

-update/software install fastest
-Update kernel

Added 3 new kernel configurations (*-4 | *-8 | *-17)
add experimental:
support high sample rate (1536K)
suppor DSD native for LH Labs Geek Out 1V5, LH Labs Geek Pulse X Inifinity 2V0, NuPrime Audio HD-AVP/AVA, NuPrime IDA-8, Encore mDSD, WaveIO USB Audio 2.0,

Singxer F-1 converter board, Wavelength Audio, Cayen.

-Added the possibility of installing alsaequal and using a 10-band graphic equaliser or a 12-band parametric equaliser.

-Other improvements



31/10/21 gp-update - update script #50

-add in WI 0. First setup guide

-in the guide you will also find a guide to testing airplay2
-some bug fixes


17/10/21 gp-update - update script #45

-different updates on scripts and interface
-*More info* shows more information
-add Static IP-LAN Remove
-x86 add Cpu power setting


27/09/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.40

-update sytem
-update/software install fastest
-Rpi: boot from usb without having to modify files

-other minor fix


08/09/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.30

-update sytem

-other minor fixes

-x86, add Hypertrading enable/disable
-x86, add turbo boost, enable disable

-x86, add cpupover setting

-x86, WI: update/istall/remove > software recompile if find the AVX2 instructions update HQP/HQPe amd otherwise install the normal version as well as recompiling other software.
-add Player dir2 and Player radio2 (use moc player), player dir and player radio use gstreamer

-others WI fix

-Always give gp-update on first boot




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