27/01/24 Image Update v. 8.50:


  -update entire system
  -update camilla v.2
  -update Diretta (use the menu and update or enable)

  -update kernel
  -you can see the contents of the kernel packages here
  -add kernel ZEN4-CLTO

  -various script improvements
  -add HQPlayer Embedded imput 

  -Other improvements...

  -Remember to always give gp-update after the first boot.



  03/12/23 Image Update v. 8.40:

  -update kernel

  -various script improvements
  -update entire system

  -Other improvements...

  -Remember to always give gp-update after the first boot.


  19/11/23 Rpi5 version released


  02/10/23 Image Update v. 8.30:

  -update kernel

  -new kernel

  -various script improvements
  -update entire system

  -add UPnP Bridge (squeeze2upnp)

  -add EXTRM x86-64-v4 version

  -Other improvements...

  -Remember to always give gp-update after the first boot.


 19/07/23 X86 - Update Kernels and news kernels  


 12/07/23 Rpi - Update Kernels v. 6.1.37  


 06/07/23 EXTRM VERSIONS Update v. 8.20:

  -images of the EXTRM versions have been reloaded, for some changes in the compilation have
  have been completely recompiled, those who have already done the update will not be able to do it again.
  But regardless of this, it is always better to reinstall from the image, with GP-Install utility, see the download page for more info,
  also for how you can speed up the installation.



  02/07/23 Image Update v. 8.20:

  -update kernel

  -new kernel

  -various script improvements
  -update entire system

  -new alsa_bridge driver (included in new kernel)

  -added support for HQPlayer5Desktop (xfce4), both v.4 and v.5 are preinstalled

  -HQPlayer-Desktop and HQPlayerEmbedded by default are always the generic versions if your CPU supports AVX2 follow the System-Info instructions

  -Other improvements...

  -Remember to always give gp-update after the first boot.


  19/03/23 Image Update v. 8.10:

  -update Sytem

  -update Kernel

  -add support for Diretta Aperitivo (experimental)
  -ramsystem improvements

  -added playhrt support

  -other minor fix


  05/02/23 Rpi Update Kernels


  WI > Update/Install/Remove > UP/DW Kernel

  update kernel v.230129:

  70 RPi-DAC IIS supports PCM1536 e DSD-Dop512
  fix bug CIFS in ramsystem not work
  kernel 6.1.1 not CLTO work with Allo UsbBridge


  26/12/22 Image Update v. 8.00:

  -Update Sytem

  -Update Kernel

  -other minor fix

  -It is not possible to upgrade from the previous version
  -Always use gp-update before use

  script v. 121:

  -varius fixing
   update kernel v. 5.15.79
   update kernel v. 6.1.1 sperimental (no support for Allo usb bridge)
   add extra version CLTO (version compiling with clang and lto link)

   update kernel v. 6.0.x
   add extra version specific CPU
   add extra version specific CPU compiling with clang and lto link (CLTO)
   add extra option EXTRM system switching, only GP >=8.00


  19/07/22 Image Update v. 7.00

  -Update Sytem

  -Add gp-library

  -It is not possible to upgrade from the previous version
  -Always use gp-update before use


  02/06/22 Update diretta Host (alsaSync) v.105

  -Fixed Target detection in host driver

  use gp-update before trying the update


  24/05/22 Two experimental Embedded System versions released:

  -Corei7 for Intel Core i3/i5/i7/amd CPU or newer - with SSE4.2 instruction set

  -Corei7 for Intel Core i5/i7/i9/amd CPU or newer - with AVX2 instruction set

  -Work in progress for Alderlake and Ryzen


  09/05/22 IMAGE UPDATE v. 6.80


  -update system

  -Support for APlayer and AP2Render
  -update kernel 5.15.36 (recognition problems with some dac hats resolved)
  -update kernel and RT-Kernel 5.15.36
  -added possibility of deactivating the serverX
  -fixed several bugs that prevented login and connection with NoMachine and TigerVnc

  -version upgrade is not possible


  09/04/22 x86_64 Update Kernels


  WI > Update/Install/Remove > UP/DW Kernel

  RT v.5.17.1
  PF v.5.17.0
  xanmod v.5.17.1
  xanmod-tt v.5.15.32
  xanmod-rt v. 5.15.31



  05/04/22 IMAGE UPDATE v. 6.70

  -update and improvement system



  14/03/22 gp-update - script v. #73

  -added possibility of choosing which network interface to switch off in Play2Dir and PlayDir
  -added diretta_host log in Home System > Log
  requires debugging to be enabled in the configuration of diretta_host

  -Other improvements



  12/02/22 gp-update - script v. #68

  -Add possibilty to intsall Diretta Target


  12/02/22 MAGE UPDATE V. 6.60

  -update sytem/kernel


  07/02/22 x86_64 - WI > Update/Remove/Install > Up/Dw Kernel

  -new kernel:






  -Add possibility to install Diretta Host Driver


  14/12/21 IMAGE UPDATE RPI3/4

  -changed images, the previous ones had a problem with the kernel.
  -we will also come for x86_64


  07/12/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.50

  -update system

  -update/software install fastest
  -Update kernel

  Added 3 new kernel configurations (*-4 | *-8 | *-17)
  add experimental:
  support high sample rate (1536K)
  suppor DSD native for LH Labs Geek Out 1V5, LH Labs Geek Pulse X Inifinity 2V0, NuPrime Audio HD-AVP/AVA, NuPrime IDA-8, Encore mDSD, WaveIO USB Audio 2.0,

  Singxer F-1 converter board, Wavelength Audio, Cayen.

  -Added the possibility of installing alsaequal and using a 10-band graphic equaliser or a 12-band parametric equaliser.

  -Other improvements


  31/10/21 gp-update - update script #50

  -add in WI 0. First setup guide

  -in the guide you will also find a guide to testing airplay2
  -some bug fixes


  17/10/21 gp-update - update script #45

  -different updates on scripts and interface
  -*More info* shows more information
  -add Static IP-LAN Remove
  -x86 add Cpu power setting


  27/09/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.40

  -update sytem
  -update/software install fastest
  -Rpi: boot from usb without having to modify files

  -other minor fix


  08/09/21 IMAGE UPDATE V. 6.30

  -update sytem

  -other minor fixes

  -x86, add Hypertrading enable/disable
  -x86, add turbo boost, enable disable

  -x86, add cpupover setting

  -x86, WI: update/istall/remove > software recompile if find the AVX2 instructions update HQP/HQPe amd otherwise install the normal version as well as recompiling other software.
  -add Player dir2 and Player radio2 (use moc player), player dir and player radio use gstreamer

  -others WI fix

  -Always give gp-update on first boot




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